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Lassco corner rounder - Used

Posted on Wed, 20 Dec 2006 at 12:30

I had this corner rounder on ebay, but the listing was removed because the manifacturer complained that the description matched thiers, well DUH! is one of thiers. I just replaced it with a new one.

This one works ok, but I wanted to update it because I wanted a perfect one.

The auction was up over $90 with a few days left, So I am asking for $100 for it INCLUDING SHIPPING. Paypal preferred.

Contact during the day or in the evening if you

In case anyone is wondering, I sent an email to Lassco bout it and chewed them out. I will paste it here below.

[i]I just received notice that ebay removed my auction for my used corner rouder. Because of your complaint.

I am a very calm person, but this just got under my skin.


I am a sign shop that had used your products for 15 years now. I have purchased more than 10 of your corner rounders in my business alone over the years. I just recently replaced this one with a new one of yours which is now the last one that I will ever buy from you. I will also be letting my distributor know that a used Lassco corner rounder has NO VALUE because if you try to sell it, the manufacturer will have your listing removed.

If your complaint was the description of the product being like yours, it is because it is. Even ebay uses manufacturers description when listing electronics, cars, etc. they even offer the option of filling in that information.

Rest assured that I will be on every sign website and contact every one of your sign distributors, as well as contacting the 3 sign associations that I belong to about the VALUELESS market for a used corner rounder.

You know that a stand up person would contact a seller if you had a problem with a listing, instead you run to mommy. Well be assured that I will be CALLING ebay as well, I am a power seller and have a personal contact there.


A VERY disappointed X-Customer


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