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"Wrap" Sessions With Three Vehicle-Graphic Providers

(January 2016) posted on Wed Jan 06, 2016

Tips, tricks and trends they've observed

By Steve Aust

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Last month, we said goodbye to Dale Salamacha, who’s authored Vinyl Apps columns for approximately four years. Beginning with the February issue, he’ll author our Shop Ops column, which will address best practices for general signshop operation. Going forward, I will author the Vinyl Apps column, with input from expert vinyl-graphics providers about preferred methods to design, produce and install vinyl (and, when applicable, non-PVC-media alternatives).
This month, I will focus on vehicle-wrap best practices; six providers, all of whom have won awards in ST or vinyl-OEM competitions, have responded to our questionnaires. This and next month’s edition will feature three responses apiece. March’s Vinyl Apps column will address wall and architectural wraps.
If you have any vinyl-graphics topics you’d like to see covered in this column, please contact me at or (513) 263-9308.


360 Wraps, Dallas
How do you earn most of your customers?

We wrap our own vehicles, which provides nice exposure, but most come from referrals from happy customers. We know that, wherever they go, they’ll get asked about their wrap for the next few years. We want successful wraps that generate referrals.

Do you use wrap templates to create designs?
We create our own designs from template we create with Photoshop® using photos and measurements we’ve taken. Templates you can buy are OK, but it’s impossible to have an in-stock template for everything.
The difference between an off-the-shelf template and a custom one is like the difference between an off-the-rack suit and a custom-tailored one. I’ve had issues with the consistency of stock templates.


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