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Noel Weber's Yankee Doodle Dandy

(March 2006) posted on Sun Mar 19, 2006

Classic Design Studios works wonders with red, white and blue

By Jason Keeble

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Noel Weber's Yankee Doodle Dandy Classic Design Studios works wonders with red, white and blue Jason Keeble

Fred Bretzloff, the owner of Yankee Doodle Flag Co. and AB Sign and Graphics (Toledo, OH), wanted a distinctive sign for his business that would reflect its surrounding architecture. Being in the sign business, he knew Noel Weber, Classic Design Studio (Boise, ID), and his work. When Fred visited his daughter who lives in Boise, he approached Noel about fabricating a sign. Fred also attended the Boise International Letterhead Meet in 2000, so they were in constant contact.

We bid approximately $16,000 on the sign, based on how we felt it should be built. Our original design called for every part to be sculpted, with fully dimensional copy. Fred's budget was only $8,000, so we needed a new plan to achieve dimension at a lower cost. Three flat, aluminum panels, mounted with spacers and painted in a 3-D scheme on each side, became the answer.

Making the patriot

All of Noel's design elements were dissected and enlarged on the copier. On a light table, we overlaid paper to redraw cleaner elements using fine-nibbed pens. The redrawn, crisp lines reduced the required cleanup after we scanned them into our Gerber Omega


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