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Argentina Celebrates 200th Anniversary of May Revolution with Animated LED Zipper

(July 2010) posted on Tue Jul 06, 2010

Creative Bundle created animated content to the zipper, which is installed in the Plaza del la Republica, in front of the El Obelisco, in Buenos Aires.

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Creative Bundle (St. Petersburg, FL), a full-service, LED-display, content provider, created all the motion graphics and animation for an LED zipper display in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Commissioned by Ambito Financiero, Argentina’s financial newspaper, the zipper display celebrates the country’s 200th anniversary of the May Revolution, which paved the way to the country’s independence from Spain.
The display is installed in the heart of the city, in the famous Plaza de la Republica, in front of the celebrated monument, El Obelisco. The iconic location also serves as a gathering spot for football fans. The sign conveyed World Cup updates and also displayed ads, live news, stock-market information, time-and-temperature reports, and foreign-currency exchange rates.
The display was designed and installed by Television del Mercosur S.A. (TDM Argentina). The 1,440mm x 49.92-meter, RGB zipper features a 20mm pitch and a 72 x 2,496-pixel matrix.
Creative Bundle partners Maria Hatzinas and Dave Allison, who have more than 15 years of experience creating animations for LED signs, said, “An LED display without great content utilizes less than 5% of its potential. It’s just an expensive box. Whereas using vibrant content on an LED sign can increase business by 15 to 150%.”
Creative Bundle is a full-service, LED-display content provider that specializes in the creation of custom animation for LED signs, full-motion video renderings for marketing displays and full-color video billboards. For more information, visit



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